How to Turn Off a Mini Educator Collar

By | May 30, 2022

If you want to train your dog with a Mini Educator, you’ve probably wondered how to turn the device off. There’s a video on YouTube that will show you how to turn the Mini Educator on and off. However, it doesn’t actually explain how to train your dog. However, the video will show you the basic functions of the collar and remote. In the video, you’ll see that the green light will flash, the collar is on, and the display shows the current stimulation level. It will also show you if there’s one collar attached to the remote.

Activate night tracking

The Educator collar features Control of Stimulation technology, which ensures clean, consistent stimulation without jerking the dog’s head. The collar’s boost level is adjustable from one to sixty. Small dogs need one to twenty boosts, while larger dogs need the full 60. The collar’s “Tapping Sensation” is similar to vibration, but is more intense. The collar’s stop-watch-style transmitter is ergonomically designed for easy operation. Its night-tracking light can be set to flash or remain on continuously.

The small transmitter for the Mini Educator is equipped with a night-blue LCD display. The light is easily visible up to half a mile away. The mini educator collar can be adjusted to flash or stay on in steady mode. It can also be operated by a human from 500 yards away. When attached correctly, the Mini Educator collar will alert you if your dog gets into trouble. This is a useful feature for training a stubborn dog or one with a tendency to get out of its collar.

In order to activate the Night Tracking Light, simply press the “L” button on the back of the receiver-collar for 0.5 seconds. You can also turn off the solid mode and enable night tracking. To lock the ET-300 remote, press down on the stimulation dial. When the system is locked, the LCD screen displays “1D” on the display. To verify the lock status, you can rotate the stimulation knob.

Educator Collars deliver Blunt pulse stimulation. This is medical-grade, humane stimulation that penetrates the muscle and stimulates the neurons. The technology is similar to that used by physical therapists with Tens machines. This technology is more topical, whereas Blunt “Wide” Pulse stimulation penetrates the muscle. This stimulation is more effective in helping a dog learn to walk properly.

Set stimulation level

Whether you choose to use a Mini Educator or a standard dog training collar, the first step is to familiarize your dog with the stimulation levels. You should start with the lowest level and gradually increase the intensity of stimulation to get the best results. You should expect some head jerking during the process, but these are perfectly normal and can be expected. Increasing the level to achieve the desired results should be gradual, and you should always monitor your dog’s reactions.

With the ET 300 mini educator, you can increase or decrease the level of stimulation to meet your dog’s specific needs. This device is equipped with a stop watch-style transmitter that allows you to easily boost and decrease the level. It has 16 levels of correction, a tone-only mode, and a low battery indicator. The ET 300 is a popular choice with many pet owners who want a more expandable system.

When using the ET 300 Mini Educator from E-Collar Technologies, the collar comes with a remote. The black button sends a signal to the collar, and the red button boosts the stimulation. The collar has three different stimulation levels – vibration, tone, and tapping sensation. You can adjust the level of stimulation by setting the remote on either one of these modes. You can also use the combination mode, which combines both modes.

To ensure that your dog does not experience any discomfort when using the mini educator e-collar, make sure to clean the contact points on the device frequently. Dirt can build up on the device and make it malfunction. It is also vital to regularly check the collar for signs of wear and tear. If your dog is experiencing trouble while wearing the collar, contact the company’s tech support, or get a limited lifetime warranty.

Hold antenna up to allow it to communicate with receiver

To use the mini educator collar, hold the antenna upwards, as if holding the Statue of Liberty. To receive the signal, the collar must be turned on and the antenna must be pointing to the receiver. It will also be useful to hold the transmitter and receiver antennas up and down to ensure that the signals are received and processed. You can use the transmitter to teach your dog new tricks, such as fetching a ball.


A small LED light will illuminate when the mini educator collar charger is charging. It will stay on for fifty seconds before shutting off. Plug the charger into a standard wall outlet and connect the cable to the DC-5V port. The charger shows a green light while it is charging and the collar will turn off once the charge is complete. Unlike other chargers, this one is rechargeable, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of charge.

The Mini Educator collar’s LCD light can be turned on or off by touching the On/Off Light button. The collar’s display will flash green or red depending on the level of stimulation. You can also press the M/C button on the charger to change its settings or change the buttons on the remote. While it’s not necessary to have the charger plugged in, you may want to place it somewhere out of your dog’s reach when not in use.


When buying a mini educator collar, the warranty card should tell you how long it is good for. Most manufacturers offer a 2-year warranty, but if there is ever a problem, you’ll want to get a replacement. You should make sure to register your collar with the manufacturer as soon as possible. Many companies offer online registration, but you’ll also need to register your collar with the manufacturer before it becomes void.

The receiver on a mini educator has a rechargeable battery and comes with a five-meter remote control that will let you activate the collar. This means you can even train your dog from up to 500 yards away. The collar also comes with a two-way communication system, which means that you can easily check on your dog’s training levels, even from a distance. It’s also easy to use, and is designed for dogs of any size or age.

One of the best features of a mini educator collar is its warranty. Some of these products are made overseas and do not have a warranty, but they still have some features that other collars lack. For example, biothane-made collars may not be as ethical as collars made in China, but they are more expensive. The ET 300 mini educator collar is manufactured in the USA, which means it has higher quality control standards than collars made in other countries.

Another feature that sets the ET300 collar apart from others is its night tracking light. It attaches to any collar and emits a bright LED light. It can be seen up to half a mile, and is adjustable to a steady mode. You can also control the light from up to 500 yards away. This feature makes it easier to keep track of your dog when it wanders off. Once you’ve got it attached, all you need to do is set it to a specific setting and your dog will follow.

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